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Monthly Tuition Payments

Tuition is due the first of every month. Summer season will be a 6 week session with only one tuition payment. The school year season will run 36 weeks with 9 equal monthly tuition payments. There will be a $10 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 10th. Balances not paid in full after 30 days will be assessed an additional 2% late fee. A 7% sales tax is applied to all tuition payments.  

Payment Options

We accept ACH, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Checks will not be accepted. Customers will be able to have their monthly tuition automatically withdrawn through ACH or debit/credit cards through our online customer portal. Account ledgers will be available to view at your convenience through our online system.  

Registration Fees

A $35.00 registration fees will be collected at the time of sign up. The registration fee will be applied to your recital costume deposit. 

Class Discounts

Studio 360 School of Dance offers a multi-class discount for our dancers. 

  • 4 Classes – 10%
  • 6 Classes – 15%
  • 8 Classes – 20%

Annual Recital
One of the favorite times of year is our year end recital held on the second weekend of June at Liberty High School in North Liberty, Iowa. Each dancer will perform in TWO shows! That is double the chance for the dancers to perform on stage and celebrate a years of hard work!

Recital Fee
For each family participating in the end of year recital will be charged a $65.00 recital fee. Families of 2 or more dancers will pay $75.00. If you have one dancer you will receive 2 show tickets. If you have more than one dancer you will receive 3 show tickets. You will also receive a digital download of the entire show! DVDs will be available for purchase. Recital Fees are Due February 10th. Additional discounted tickets will be available for purchase for $10.00. Information regarding how to purchase additional tickets is made available in March. Tickets are available the day of the show for $12.00.


It is important that students are attending their weekly lessons and arriving on time and ready for class. Attending classes regularly increases the dancer’s technique, strength, and builds their confidence in their dance education. Missed classes will not be refunded and students are responsible for the entire tuition amount.  Dancers can attend an equivalent style and leveled class within one week of missing their lesson. Families need to notify the front desk/send email to the instructor of the class they plan on attending for make up.

For the safety of our dancers Studio 360 School of Dance offers the state of the art student attendance system. New students will be issued scan cards upon arrival to their first lesson. Dancers will scan their cards upon entering each class. This ensures the safety of the dancer as well as helps with attendance records! Parents may view their dancers record via our online portal.

Inclement Weather

In the event of a class cancellation due to inclement weather students have the option to make-up their lesson in an equivalent level on a different day within one week of the canceled lesson. Please notify the front desk if you are going to be attended a class for make up.  Refunds will not be issued for cancelled lessons. Studio 360 School of Dance will generally follow the College Community School District, however as conditions change throughout the day we may still hold classes. You will be notified via Facebook, KCRG, and email.


Studio 360 School of dance reserves the right to cancel classes that have fewer than five dancers registered. Tuition will be refunded or the dancer can choose an alternate class. Classes that fall over a holiday will not be refunded.

If a dancer drops from a technique only class: leaps/turns, strength & conditioning, or floor barre they will be charged a $50.00 drop fee.

In the unfortunate event that a student withdraws from a class, Studio 360 School of Dance must be notified in writing that the dancer will no longer be enrolled in class. The dancer will be charged and remain enrolled in the class until notification is received. After written notification is received billing for the class will end at the first of the following month. Tuition is not refunded hence if students have prepaid tuition their remaining balance will remain as a credit on their account.


Families are always welcome to observe their dancer in their class! Studio A offers a large viewing window for your convenience. Our facility offers two 48” closed circuit televisions for families to view their dancers in studios B and C. Only instructors and students are allowed in the studios. Please supervise young children in the lobby area at all times. Please keep noise levels while waiting to a minimum to avoid distracting dancers.

Instructor Communication

Due to tight class scheduling and to ensure that students receive a full lesson teachers will not be available for questions before, during, or after classes. Please email or arrange a separate time to speak with your instructor. If a receptionist is not available to answer your questions you may leave a phone message or write an email to the office at Studio 360 School of Dance.

Dancer Locker Room/Lost and Found

Dancers will be required to place their belongings not needed for class in the locker room.  There will be cubbies and hooks available to use to make sure that all personal belongings are kept together and safe. This is a place for dancers to change and hang out before class as well. Make sure that all dancers are being respectful of everyone belongings. Please label dance items and shoes with your dancers initials. Studio 360 School of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If you have misplaced an item please check the lost and found bin in the locker room.

Food & Beverages

Please eat all snacks at table on the tile floor only. Please be courteous and clean up after yourself. Food or drinks will not be allowed in any other area (lobby, locker room, or studio). Water fountains are available to fill up water bottles. Only water will be allowed inside of the studios and in the lobby. Please help keep our facilities clean for all families.

Parking Lot

All dancers will need to remain inside the building until their ride arrives. For the safety of all dancers please park in a parking spot when picking up. Please drive slowly in the parking lot to ensure the safety of all children.